Grosvenor Britain & Ireland

As one of the world’s largest privately-owned property businesses Grosvenor Britain and Ireland (GBI) has a role to help drive sustainability and wants to build up on its considerable experience to inform, educate & encourage suppliers to make a positive impact. To ensure this, the GBI Supply Chain Charter was created after a comprehensive review of its working practices and supplier relationships in the UK.


  • Brand implementation
  • Print design
  • Infographics

The charter focuses on twelve distinct areas, ranging from health, safety and well-being through to climate change adaptation and waste management.


GBI’s commitment to each area is clearly outlined along with its current and future expectations of all suppliers, and resources to help progress.

We created a graphic device that evoked the connection or relationship between GBI and a supplier and carried the document title. We also created icons for each of the twelve areas, and illustrations. The graphic device can also be used represent the GBI supply chain.

We used colour coding to add pace to the document and pulled out key statistics that best represent the points being made in the charter.


We used a range of photography, gathered from both GBI’s existing stock and external libraries, to represent the different subject areas. Landscape format makes it easy for readers to track GBI’s commitments and current and future expectations online.

In addition to the twelve subject areas, we also included three case studies about current suppliers, explaining what

they are currently doing and what they intend doing in future to uphold the charter. View the full document here.