Eurofins provides laboratory-based research and testing around the world. It wanted to share its success story in print. In 2017, we designed and copywrote a 30th Anniversary brochure in record time.


  • Corporate print design
  • Brand implementation
  • Copywriting

We based our creative work on Eurofins’ unique modular approach and some of its many success stories over 30 years. We produced a core brochure that explains Eurofins’ spectacular growth from day one to year 30.


A separate case studies booklet explains Eurofins’ scientific achievements in greater detail than the anniversary brochure.

Eurofins wanted to use the brochure as a recruitment tool, so we included content that highlights their shared values of entrepreneurship and leadership. Both publications were used at Eurofins’ anniversary event in Paris and over 30,000 copies are still being distributed across their global network to interested parties and potential employees today.

We followed up our work on the anniversary brochure by creating a careers microsite for Eurofins.