The Hunterian Museum

Design of first guidebook for the Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons.

The Hunterian Museum is an incredible surgical museum housed within the Royal College of Surgeons on Lincolns Inn Fields in London. The Director of the museum wanted to develop a guidebook for people to buy as a souvenir as well as generate revenue for the museum, which is free to visit.

We worked with the Museum department to develop the content and design the book, using archival and some new photography. We also created a large, clear-print version.

Guidebook design

‘The Guidebook looks great, we're thrilled. Many thanks for working on it so thoroughly and so patiently.’

Dr Sam Alberti
Director of Museums and Archives
Royal College of Surgeons

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The Hunterian Museum The Hunterian Museum The Hunterian Museum The Hunterian Museum
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