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thebigwindow were asked to create a new and confident brand for the Royal Society of Chemistry's (RSC) flagship magazine, Chemistry World.

The new brand identity needed to reposition and elevate the magazine’s profile across both digital and traditional platforms.  It also signalled the introduction of a subscription model, making the magazine accessible beyond their membership.

After securing the job through a pitch process we began by reworking the Chemistry World mark. The new mark nods to the RSC’s credibility and 175-year history by developing the ‘C’ from the RSC’s logo but by marrying this with the distinctive and unusual ‘W’ makes the mark ownable and instantly recognisable.

Research and feedback indicated the identity needed to be more stylish, original and bold. This was achieved through the chosen colour palette; the coupling of classic and contemporary typefaces; and the use of dynamic graphic devices and angled image crops inspired by the logo’s ‘W’. Sophisticated and impactful imagery also plays an important role in CW’s identity with strong hero images leading across all formats.

One of our biggest challenges was to help manage the huge amount of content within the printed magazine and make the layouts more functional and ‘cleaner’. We did this by increasing the white space on the page as much as possible and cropping and clustering the image layouts. The website was designed to a three point break and integrated with an audience management system.

It was important that the creative process was collaborative to ensure engagement and consensus. We kept an open dialogue with key members of the editorial and production team for Chemistry World and hosted a workshop that we used to explore possibilities of a new Chemistry World and test and validate our creative approach.

The identity was further developed for use across social media, film, signage, exhibitions, stationery and a scalable
methodology for sub-branding. This was captured in a set of guidelines that would inspire all those working with them.

Identity design
Web design
Editorial design

'thebigwindow quickly grasped the personality of our magazine and worked with us to develop a coherent and comprehensive identity across all our channels. Adrian and his team were responsive, insightful and adaptable, and delivered the project on time and on budget.'
Adam Brownsell, editor, Chemistry World

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